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Mohs Microscopic Surgery


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Mohs micrographic surgery is a minor surgical procedure and special method to remove skin cancers using local anesthesia.  Mohs is a precise and detailed technique whereby small layers of skin are sequentially removed and immediately examined under the microscope until the samples indicate that the skin cancer is completely removed.


Mohs surgery permits the immediate microscopic examination of the removed cancerous tissue, so that all roots and extensions of the cancer can be eliminated.   Due to the methodical manner in which tissue is removed and examined, Mohs surgery has been recognized as the skin cancer treatment with the highest success rate.


The dermatologists at Saint Luke's Hospital combine their considerable training and experience to provide excellent results at affordable prices, usually 50- 65% lower than prices in the United States.


Dr. Martin Izabal, a renowned dermatologist with extensive experience in dermatological treatments, and Dra. Griselda Izabal providing outstanding patient care and excellent service.

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Mohs Microscopic Surgery

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This outpatient procedure is used to remove and examine tumors of the skin to ensure that the entire cancer is eliminated and none of the"roots" of the cancer are left behind. The Mohs technique is often used to treat cancers of the face and neck.


Mohs surgery is a conservative treatment that is designed to leave as much healthy tissue as possible while completely eliminating the cancerous cells. It is often the surgery of choice for patients who have recurrent, aggressive or unusual tumors, or for patients who have tumors in highly sensitive areas.


As the procedure begins, the skin is sterilized and local anesthetic is administered. The surgeon carefully cuts away the section of tissue that contains the cancer. The surgeon charts the way it was oriented in the skin so that the cancer can be accurately mapped .The wound is dressed, and the patient waits while the tissue sample is examined in the lab. The tissue is divided into sections, frozen and studied under a microscope. The surgeon looks for any traces of cancer that extend beyond the section of skin that was removed.  If the surgeon sees that traces of cancer may remain, the surgeon repeats the procedure. The wound is uncovered, and more tissue is removed. The surgeon only removes tissue in the questionable area, sparing the healthy skin. The new skin is examined microscopically, and the process is continued until the surgeon is sure that all of the cancer has been removed.


Once the removal is complete, the surgical site is closed. In some cases, a plastic surgeon or reconstructive specialist may be needed to finish the procedure. The patient is monitored during future visits.



Mohs is normally a safe and effective treatment, however there are possible slight risks and complications such as:


   •  Bleeding,

   •  Wound infection,

   •  Nerve damage resulting in skin numbness

   •  Reaction to local anesthesia,

   •  Cancer recurrence.


The surgical area may remain tender for several weeks after surgery. You should see your dermatologist if any of these adverse conditions persist.


This information should be used only as a guide to your medical treatment. All specifics will be discussed with your surgeon at your consultation. For more information about this treatment contact Saint Luke's by using the “Ask a Question” form on this page.

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